Sunday, April 27, 2008


Ingredients (2 baguettes)
500g of flour
300ml of lukewarm water
10-20 g of salt
30g of fresh yeast
10-50ml of olive oil or melted butter

1. Dissolve yeast in the lukewarm water
2. Add yeast and water mixture to flour mixed with salt
3. Mix until all ingredients are well combined.
4. Knead the dough well for approximately 10 -15 minutes. In general the longer the better. When I want my baguettes to be divine I knead the dough for even 30 minutes.
5. Add olive oil or metled butter to the dough
6. Knead the dought for as long as 15 minutes.
7. Place the dough in the bowl that was previously slightly oiled with olive oil.
8. Let it rest for approximately 10 – 15 minutes and then work the dough again to evenly spread the carbon dioxide produced by yeast.
9. Let it rest for 10 minutes again.
10. Knead the dough again and let it rest for 10 minutes more.
11. Knead the dough and form two baguettes.
12. Place them on the baking paper on a baking tray

13. Let it rest for 20 minutes more.
14. Before placing them in the oven smear some water on their surface.
15. Bake at 180°C for approximately 30 minutes.

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