Monday, January 7, 2008

BBQ Corn on the Cob

BBQ Corn on the Cob
Tried & True - VERY good

Corn on the cob - fresh is best, but thawed frozen ears work too
olive oil
tin foil

Shuck the ears of corn and remove all of the strands of corn silk that you can. Tear one sheet of tin foil per ear of corn. Each sheet should be 12-18 inches long. Place one ear on a sheet of tin foil and lightly coat with olive oil. Season the corn with salt and pepper. Tightly wrap the ear of corn in the tin foil. Repeat for remaining ears.

Place the corn on the grill. Cook for 30 minutes total, turning 3 times. Corn will burn if left on one side too long! Unwrap corn and eat! No butter needed! Corn is VERY tasty cooked this way. We like it so much that we've even been known to cook frozen kernal corn like this!

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